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Choose from a wide selection of hundreds of seamless textures and photos (all the edges blend into each other when the image is repeated). Seamless textures are useful for website and desktop backgrounds as well as fills in your 2D and 3D graphics. All backgrounds are tiles and most of them are photos.

Our Categories Include:

16x16, Black & White, Blocks, Christmas, Flower, Foods, Metals, Music, Nets, SciFi, Sky, Space, Stone, Textures, Water and Wood. In the collection we currently have over 1050 Images available, All images are free to ues on commercial and personal web pages and for offline design use.

All modern browsers can display background images. These can be small rectangular images that the browser 'tiles' to fill the window. Each single 'tile' can be as small as you like but although a 2 x 2 pixel tile will download very quickly, it requires more processing time to fill the screen, so screen updates will be painfully obvious.


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